From the Outside Looking In

From the Outside Looking In
A collaboration of prints by Patricia Aaron and Alicia McKim
Exhibited at the Nicolaysen Museum of Art, Casper, Wyoming

Artist Statement

Looking to the north we Coloradans typically view Wyoming as a space filled predominately with sagebrush and cowboys. Outside of Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons most parts of Wyoming lay undiscovered to us. We are from the outside looking in with our own prejudices and myths. Patricia Aaron and Alicia McKim each

Nicolaysen Art Museum
Gallery Installation Casper, Wyoming

through their own experiences, have come to see that this sparsely populated landscape imparts spacious skies and vast lands that extend to the horizon line, often times with brutal wind, bearing extreme temperatures. As artists they have found that this intense climate creates profound beauty in the everyday landscape, as it molds the people who inhabit this area.  This collection of monoprints is their studio interpretation of the fragile and ever-changing landscape of Wyoming.

Beeswax, ink and mixed media on Rives buff lightweight
Paper size: 26 x 40 inches