Creative time in the studio

My Process

In my studio practice I make my encaustic medium by slowly melting beeswax and damar resin crystals together in a crockpot. After the medium is strained to remove impurities from the resin, I add color. I custom mix batches of colors from dry pigments and color pods. After colors are mixed in shallow aluminum pans and heated on a palette, I paint warm encaustic onto panel board using a variety of brush sizes. I use an open torch to fuse each layer of encaustic after it is applied to the panel. Once the paint has set, the finished work may be left matte or buffed with a soft cloth to a high shine.


During graduate school I began to work with the encaustic process and used encaustic in my paintings. I also experimented with beeswax in the making of my sculptures.  Since then I have successfully worked with encaustic to make monotypes, sculptures, and large-scale paintings. I enjoy the plethora of possibilities it offers and the meditative preparation process. I often combine encaustic with oil paints, stencils, graphite, ink, and pigment sticks.

New Works

A peek inside my studio

Blue Sky Studio

Blue Sky Studio in the early hours

Museum of Outdoor Arts

Museum of Outdoor Arts Artist Opening reception November 2013