Grounded Series

During January and February 2007 I spent five weeks as a resident artist at Anderson Ranch in Snowmass, Colorado. I was surrounded by natural beauty at every turn and then some.

This is the second body of new work I made while at the Ranch. The first was exhibited at SPARK Gallery in May titled SKY/SEA.

For this body of work, titled GROUNDED, I was entranced by the quiet colors of winter all around me. The way half dead trees jutting out of the snow this way and that looked like quick charcoal sketches and old peeling barns floated like islands in the snow.

These totem-like forms became somewhat of a surrogate family to me. Their lanky shapes took on distinctive personalities with a visual language all their own. Like sentinels they stood watchful in my studio. Our dialogue was constant.

Dandelion (L), 6’x3.5″x3″ and Eyes As Blue As Yours (R), 8’x3.5″x3″, Encaustic on wood | Snowmass (L) and Barn (R), 2007, 7’x4″x3.5″, Encaustic on wood | Three Sisters, 2007, 8’x5″x4.5″, Encaustic on wood | Looking Westward (L) and Homebound (R), 2007, 8’x5″x4.5″, Encaustic on wood

“Unwrapped everything Sunday after you left and it’s perfect! Makes me smile whenever I enter the room. Thanks for everything!”

M.M., private collector on purchase of “Three Sisters” and “Mustang Sally”