Hiatus Gallery

For 30 days in April, the gift of a calendar void of appointments, chores, and daily errands was mine. I eagerly set up my satellite studio at the Ucross Foundation; receiving this fellowship was the perfect invitation for me to leave distractionsucross-sign behind and work to my own drumbeat in the wide-open spaces of Wyoming.

I continue to be inspired by residual sites of abandoned mills, mines, and train yards. These sites inform my aesthetic and visual sensibilities.  They serve as my hinge between the real and imaginary for this series. I reinterpret what I see and make it my own.

I marveled at the endless stream of coal trains traveling south and decided to go see for myself the Wyoming coal mines. I was enamored with abandoned farmsteads and whistle-stop towns and began photographing them. I searched for signs of contemporary culture and found very few, but when I did they, became mile markers.

This new series, Hiatus, is the culmination of seeing things in new light and painting the trains, abandoned homes, farming wyoming barnmachinery dotting the landscape, and miles of fencing which outline the plethora of ranches.

My sincerest thanks to The Ucross Foundation, in Ucross, Wyoming and the wonderful people I met there, new friends with whom I shared stories and space, and most of all my family for their support and love that were waiting for me when I returned.

Paintings below measure 36″ x 36″ with the exception of The Reader, The Sculptor, The Writer  which are 18″ x 18″, Range One Day One and Middle Earth which are 24″ x 24″ and Wyoming Dandy, Green Thumb, Teacher’s Pet, Cruise Control, Wyoming Fever, Sweet Bootleg Magic, and Bread and Butter which measure 40″ x 40″. All are float framed in maple wood.

link to my Hiatus catalog

Hiatus Series 2014