Hive and Home Gallery

Hive and Home explores the dualities which exist between industrialized human and bee societies.  Bees like humans follow specific daily routines to keep their hives clean, healthy, well fed and reproducing. Individual beehives have their own specific micro managed environment complete with scent, texture, personality, hierarchy of workers and reining Queen. Most human home environments are structured similarly. I chose to manipulate diverse materials to bring together these two unlikely families. Additionally, I integrated traditional and non traditional materials and processes to create metaphoric juxtapositions of everyday life.

Honey Do, 2004, 84″x21″x21″, mixed media | Contempo, 2004, 34″x32″x6″, wood, tar, wood putty and stain | Detail of Contempo | Garden Tag, 2004, 35″50″x6″, wood, cotton flocking and mixed media | Detail of Garden Tag | Twilight II, 2004, 63″x30″x18″, wood | Detail of Twilight | Incognito, 2004 40″x38″x27″, wood, mixed media and decoy duck | Detail of Incognito | Alleluia Slippers, 2004, 44″x16″x16″, steel, beeswax and bees | Detail of Alleluia Slippers | Places-Call Home,2004, 26″x48″x6″, wood, road maps and mixed media | Detail of Places-Called Home | Giverny Remembered, 2004, 40″x32″x6″, wood, encaustic and mixed media | Detail of Giverny Remembered