Honest Work Gallery

Honest Work

My recent studio practice is the continuation of a multi year investigation in encaustic wax painting of abstracted cityscapes, landscapes and seascapes.  These paintings are painted with beeswax, pigment, Damar resin, India ink, graphite and palladium applied and fused onto 4’ x 5’ braced panels.

Honest Work is an urban, steely series of paintings with an unmistakably raw edge. Inspired by deep roots in the American Midwest, these paintings reflect the enduring beauty of aging steel mills, forgotten hometown armatures of boarded shop fronts,dusty bricks and dimmed neon lights.

The work is authentic and fresh, combining sprays of vibrant, graffiti-inspired street art ink with signature encaustic textures and tones. The paint and ink are not used to convey meaning but rather to explore the possibilities of the mediums. The randomness and viseral nature of each piece boasts an uncontrolled sense of chaos; at the same time, the linear drips and disappearing text hint at an underlying structure in their resemblance to grids and streets from a city map.

At the foundation of this series lies the phrase “an honest day’s pay for an honest day’s work”; this work is an effort to capture the strength and sweat of the Midwest and its people.

Wasteland 24″x24″ |  Wait a Sec, Let Me Kiss The Sky 40″x40″ | Unleashed 60″x48″ | Sounds of Steel 48″x60″ | Sing Me The Blues 24″x24″ | 100 Miles 48″x60″ | Little Youngstown 24″x24″ | Light in The Window 24″x24″ | Greener On The Other 40″x40″ | Don’t Underestimate Me 48″x60″  | Creme Puff 60″x48″ | Call Your Mom 24″x24″ | Big City 48″x60″ | Light of Youth 60″x144″