The aquamarine colors of Pool seem to change hourly with the flooding of natural light provided by the glass atrium 40‘ceiling above and time of day. The viewer’s eye is provided with a tranquil crystal-clear expanse in which to wander through the sunlit rotunda. Commissioned by Museum of Outdoor Arts, Englewood, CO

8.5’x65’x5″, Silk, chiffon, tulle and mixed media

Museum of Outdoor Arts (MOA), Englewood City Center Atrium, Englewood, CO
Oblique Angle- Architecture of the Line 2003


Picket is comprised of tidy, white, soldier-straight wooden picket fencing.  Suspended in the second bay of Studio Aiello, the fence segments were connected and wedged tight into an angular horizontal expanse from the floor corner to the opposite side of the gallery ceiling. The intent for Picket was for the viewer to anticipate the dualities of private and public parameters. Memory and the absence of expectation created the sight lines as Picket achieved its aim by focusing on the pure white form in space while washing its hands of the sentimentality attached to domestic objects.

3’x15’x15’x36′, Suspended picket fencing and mixed media

Studio Aiello, Denver, CO

First Anniversary Exhibition

Best of Show
Showcase Exhibtion, 2002


My outdoor cast bronze sculpture installation, The Three Graces, was inspired by nature and the western landscape. I think that nature with its magical sense of form and fragility coupled with the dualities of quiet and chaos continue to have an impact on me and the fabrication of my work. Commissioned by the Museum of Outdoor Arts, Englewood, CO

Cast Bronze, 12′-15’x4′-5′

Museum of Outdoor Arts
Englewood City Center
Englewood, CO

New Urbanism


Skyscapes is a DVD outdoor projection which integrates the time lapse photography of Colorado weather patterns acquired from local TV Channel 2 and additionally features aerial footage taken from NOAA weather plane while flying over the southwestern United States. Projected during evening hours the film moved seamlessly across the MOA Sculpture Garden 12′ x 26′ outdoor billboard. Commissioned by the Museum of Outdoor Arts, Englewood, CO

Museum of Outdoor Arts (MOA), Englewood City Center, Sculpture Garden, Englewood, CO
Earth Geometry 2002