I found inspiration for this series in an unexpected place: the urban and industrial sites across America that once thrived, but now sit abandoned. These forgotten mills, silent train stations, and empty shopping malls seem lifeless at first glance, but have found new use as canvases for innumerable swirls of street art and graffiti, an urban giftwrapping so to speak, these marks that tell stories to anyone who cares to look closely.

In this new series of paintings, Metropolis, I engaged the use of color and materials by incorporating processes such as masking, spraying, stenciling, and rubbing on to painted layers of colored beeswax to create direct surface tension. Each mark is intentional. Warehouse districts, skate parks, and boarded up storefronts in London, Cape Town, Phoenix, Miami, New York City and my hometown of Youngstown, Ohio have found their way into each of these paintings.

Patricia Aaron 2015

Southwest Art
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Metropolis Gallery 2015