Urban Scrawl

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In Urban Scrawl, I sought to uncover a new form of self-expression, a language that found its roots in graffiti but became something else entirely. I layered encaustic and street-artist ink, carving and splattering the surfaces of my canvasses to juxtapose thriving cities and broken landscapes, spare beginnings and elaborate ends. The result was a vibrant montage of textures, strokes, and colors—an abstracted reflection of the chaotic and dynamic scenes that were the impetus behind this work.

As an ardent observer, I drew inspiration from my taxi rides over the Manhattan Bridge—the deafening noise of a hundred different languages, the massive warehouses covered in colorful tags, and the wild, raw feeling of crossing into a new world.  I remembered the beautiful, sprawling cacophony of South Africa, the jarring disconnect between dilapidated shantytowns and shiny new BMW dealerships, the effusive energy that filled the air. I looked back on the boarded-up farmsteads and dilapidated steel mills I’ve encountered on trail rides and road trips, the imagery of crumbling concrete and weather-worn billboards—not urban, yet covered in graffiti, as if the life of the city was somehow leaking into the broken-down landscape.

My three previous series, Youngstown, Honest Work, and Whitewash, laid the foundation for Urban Scrawl, which combines the brilliant colors, grid system, and bold, loose lines of its predecessors to create an entirely new perspective. Urban Scrawl is another step forward in the push and pull between my materials and my intentions, but the discordance exposes a common denominator; whether you’re in a metropolis exploding with energy or in an atrophying rural landscape, there will always be graffiti. It is a universal language, the embodiment of deep-seated unrest, of hope, of frustration, and of the undying desire for emancipation. It is a voice that wants to be heard, a medium that can turn any rusted surface into a work of art.

In the end, that’s what Urban Scrawl is meant to be; an undeniable expression of self, a challenge and an invitation, a mark I make on the world.

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Urban Abstract – Rural Grid

November 9, 2013 – March 8, 2014

Museum of Outdoor Arts Gallery

East Gallery of MOA

Almost paradise C. Times like these R. Girls Fight Club

Almost Paradise | Times Like These | Girls Fight Club

No Rules, Just Art

No Rules, Just Art

Three round paintings seen above and (top row below) on reclaimed barn wood panels: Capetown, Giants Castle, Show Off,  encaustic, spray paint, and ink, 36″ diameter, framed in aluminum, ©2013.

Three float framed square paintings top row below:  encaustic and ink, 42 x 42 inches, ©2013, Push and Pull, City Sizzle, and Texas in my rear view mirror. All other square paintings seen below are float framed and measure 38 x 38 inches, ©2013.

Urban Legends

21 cast resin disc Urban Legends series paintings :  13″ diameter, encaustic, spray paint and ink, ©2013

Urban Scrawl