Virgin Islands 2009

Window Seat Series: Virgin Islands 2009

My inspiration for Window Seat Series: virgin Islands is based upon recent travels to the Caribbean Islands. Having made several trips there recently this work focuses on underwater, topographical and aerial views. These views are abstracted and then created with encaustic paint and mixed media on panels. I also continue to utilize acrylic panels with these new images. Using acrylic lends itself to many applications where encaustic can be somewhat limiting due to its waxy nature.

Underwater Maze 18″x24″ | Rendezvous 18″x24″ | Red Letter Day 18″x24″ | Johnny Cash 18″x24″ | January 18″x24″ | Island Time 18″x24″ | Honeymoon Bay 18″x24″ | Confetti 18″x24″ | Turtle Cove 18″x24″ | Hammock Grove 18″x24″ | Afternoon Shade 18″x24″ | Love Life 22″x30″ | Wanderlust 30″x60″