Whitewash Series

Finding treasure troves of obscured words and rogue mark-making seemed to be on the itinerary last December when I visited Key West, Florida.  Seeking inspiration, I wandered off the beaten path, behind the gingerbread facades and tourist shops, and discovered places where riotous color clashed with street culture to form layers of graffiti.
I soon found that Key West held countless secret hideaways; their walls covered with stories told in spray paint that I could spend hours deciphering. For me, these were the real tourist attraction.
I brought back an overflow of images in my mind’s eye, and they would become the springboard for my Whitewash series, which takes its name from the common practice of trying to hide or erase graffiti under layers of white paint. This series is an exploration of the act of covering and discovering—of creating something that is later buried, and then finding it again, anew.

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