Youngstown the Early Years

Youngstown, the Early Years

I know Youngstown, Ohio. I grew up there. During my youth in the 60’s Y town was in its heyday. Alive with city traffic Youngstown’s sprawling and bustling downtown consisted of Market Street commerce, restaurants, clubs, high-rise doctors offices and downtown shopping- even it’s own airport. It was the time of Cadillac’s and high heels. Not too far away on the other side of Mahoning River the boom of the steel mills made the city churn economically and continuously.
I remember looking at the night sky over the steel mills with wonder. The rusted steel mill stacks released constant fire, smoke and fumes. Grey skies were the norm even during summer. I didn’t really know anything different existed.
This new work is a representation of the Youngstown, Ohio in my memories, the city I knew as a kid, and a city that never really left me, even after I left it.

Youngstown Circa 1961 | Youngstown Circa 1962 | Youngstown Circa 1963 | Youngstown Circa 1964 | Youngstown Circa 1965 | Youngstown Circa 1966 | Youngstown Circa 1967 …all paintings are 60″x48″

“I just wanted to mention that I am the happy new owner of your painting Youngstown circa 1966.  When I look at the painting I can imagine I am seeing Youngstown from 1966 and then I transfer the thought to my own hometown from that some year.  I am not an art expert, but I do enjoy certain contemporary art and your Youngstown series has been among my favorites so far.” –Frank D.