"Patricia Aaron is a contemporary artist specializing in encaustic painting"

Exploration and a sense of discovery –– these are the most powerful inspirations behind my work. Through impactful ink work and rich, vibrant wax, I bring to life the experiences that have shaped my artistic vision. The cultures, languages and traditions that I uncover in my journeys are transformed in my work, with every layer revealing another memory or emotion. With every panel I paint, I want to convey the beauty and mystery of my travels, and transport the viewer to new and unexpected places.

Pat Aaron

Patricia Aaron

There are themes of home and domestic life in her work, of nature and sites that inspire her and of investigations into numerous materials from paint and wood to steel, wax and fiber.  Hers is pluralistic work – abstraction prodded by conceptualism. It catches a viewer off guard while turning painting, mark-making and sculpture into objects and installations that continue to surprise. Aaron was born in  Youngstown, Ohio, and seemed destined for a career in business with art as a strong interest.

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2017 Exhibition Schedule


Giving Way to Still  Globe Gallery, Santa Fe, NM  Opening: July 7, 2017

Sculpture on the Green @ Fiddler’s Green, Greenwood Village, CO  Opening: June 29, 2017

Space Gallery, Denver, CO  Opening: September 28, 2017

Encaustic Workshop

Encaustic Workshop

Encaustic Workshop at the Art Gym
Thursday, May 18 or Friday, May 19

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SPACE Gallery, Denver, CO 
On Ice Recent Work Inspired by my Artist Residency in Reykjavik, Iceland

On Ice Painting Gallery

New Virtual Tour of Space Gallery exhibition! Take a whirl through the show.

Westword Review written by art critic, Michael Paglia. October 27, 2016.  

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Gallery Representation

Patricia Aaron’s work is represented by galleries in Denver, Colorado and Santa Fe, New Mexico. Please visit gallery websites below for more information on availability. Patricia also accepts commissions.

View The Collected Works of Patricia Aaron on the Magcloud link below. Catalogs may be purchased online.

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