Colorado Women in Abstraction brings into focus the accomplished work or 32 artists who have been instrumental in the abstract movement in Colorado. Curated by Michael Paglia/ Art & Architecture writer for art ltd. magazine & Westword


Passport at Denver International Airport

Artist Patricia Aaron created the body of work specifically for the Denver International Airport exhibition, which abstractly documents her observations of communities, the rhythm of cultures and language and the overall vibrancy of her surroundings during travel. Each painting serves as poignant reminders of conversations and interactions through layered color and shapes created with warm beeswax, pigment, ink and mixed media.

Patricia Aaron

My love of travel and discovery is the thread that connects all my paintings. My painting technique includes working with warm (180-degree) pigmented beeswax on a heated palette, adding inks and mixed media. Using brushes, razors, kitchen tools, and torches, each painting has approximately 15 layers of fused, pigmented wax applied to the panel. Through additive and subtractive painting techniques, each work takes anywhere from one month to six weeks to complete. I typically rotate working in three paintings at a time, letting each one cool completely before returning to it to add another wax layer.

Urban Abstract – Rural Grid

This 3:15 minute video spans the Urban Abstract – Rural Grid exhibition at the Museum of Outdoor Arts in Englewood, CO which was on view from November 9, 2013 through March 8, 2014.  It shows in detail my encaustic and ink paintings and Urban Legend mixed media wheels. I was excited to have an Artist Residency at the Museum in October prior to the opening. The three large reclaimed barn wood circular paintings were completed during my residency in the Museum’s studio facility.


The SkyScapes video was inspired by my interest in the use of time lapse photography and the extreme variations of weather  in the Rocky Mountains region. With permission I was able to use time lapse footage from local TV station Channel 2 and NOAA in Boulder, CO. 
The 4 minute video spans an entire day though sunset from both from an eagles eye view and also cameras mounted on buildings in Denver. It was projected onto a large architectural screen element outdoors in the Museum of Outdoor Arts sculpture garden.